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About Daniel Agauas

Daniel and his wife Bethany have lived in Troy for six years and are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.  Daniel has frequently served Troy and the surrounding areas through church and local outreach programs. His desire is to continue to serve his neighbors and community on Troy City Council.  Daniel’s vision is to see Troy become an elite destination for families and businesses – a one-stop experience to live, work, and play.

Daniel is currently the vice-chair of the Troy Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and has been a member of the ZBA since 2016.  As part of the ZBA’s commissioned purpose, Daniel has worked vigorously to ensure that proposed construction projects do not “impair the public health, safety, comfort, morals or welfare of the inhabitants of the City.”  He has seen firsthand when residential and commercial development has benefited the City of Troy, creating value for businesses and neighborhoods, preserving Troy’s aesthetic beauty, and will continue to defend the City’s “health, safety, comfort, and morals” while on Troy City Council.   

Daniel graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and continued his education at Oakland University with an MBA in finance.  For the last 12 years, Daniel has worked as a financial consultant. His work focuses on financial consulting for attorneys on large commercial damages cases, business valuations of small-to-midsize private companies, and forensic investigations dealing with embezzlement, misappropriation, or vendor kick-backs.  Daniel has also assisted multiple clients that were victims of fraud quantify their damage exposure and obtain financial recovery. This invaluable financial and business experience has allowed Daniel to see the importance of financial transparency, responsible spending, and fiscal conservatism.


My Plan



Many residents are concerned about commercial development: Where, what gets developed, and how.  As Vice-Chair of the Troy Zoning Board of Appeals, I have seen firsthand the tensions between commercial developers and residents.  Residents, like myself, are concerned that over-aggressive development will encroach on our peaceful neighborhoods.  On the flip side, developers often receive mixed messages from Troy's zoning ordinances.  I will be working hard to protect our neighborhoods and find the proper balance with development.  This includes reviewing the Master Plan to ensure that residential and commercial areas are clearly established.


Financial Integrity

We need to practice fiscal responsibility to ensure that Troy preserves its AAA bond rating and allocates spending to projects that benefit the entire community, not wasteful projects. 

Professionally, I have worked on forensic investigations and calculated damages in court cases involving fraud.  I have seen multi-million-dollar fraud cases that have provided financial justice to the victims.  I understand how to prevent fraud, detect fraud, and implement the proper accounting controls to minimize the chance of fraud happening again.


Keeping Troy Strong

Finally, we need to safeguard Troy’s health, safety, and well-being.  This includes strong support of our public schools, library, and police and fire departments.  A healthy and safe environment attracts families and businesses.

When I think of Troy, I think of the future I want for my daughter.  I want her to grow up in a beautiful City with many recreational options and places to play.  This is why I'm fully committed to developing the Trails & Pathway system and protecting the Civic Center from commercial development - ensuring that the Civic Center fully serves the public.

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